ARTFX Spider-man Webslinger

Hey everyone! Kimouto here logging in for the first time EVER. Don’t mind me getting a late start while you all get to know Agent Leu first! Today I’d like to introduce you to our new, friendly neighborhood MARVEL UNIVERSE SPIDER-MAN WEBSLINGER ARTFX STATUE! This is the second in our series of ARTFX statues (1/7 scale) after our MARVEL COMICS CAPTAIN AMERICA -MODERN MYTH- ARTFX STATUE where we have taken standard Marvel characters and given them a cool new rendering. And the man who sculpted this ultra dynamic pose that has Spider-man leaping from the building swinging on his webslinger, is none other than Enaga Matsumoto. “Spidey” really appears to be jumping […]


Tokyo Comic-Con 2017!

Hey everyone, Agent Leu reporting in and I’ve got an awsome event announcement! Kotobukiya will be exhibiting at TOKYO COMIC-CON held at the Makuhari Messe! Not only will we have some of the latest Kotobukiya products on display, we will also have exclusive items only available at Tokyo Comic-Con!!! Be sure to stop by our booth to check everything out! EVENT INFORMATION What: Tokyo Comic-Con 2017 When: 1-3 December 2017 Where: Makuhari Messe Kotobukiya Booth No.: F-14 KOTOBUKIYA Tokyo Comic-Con 2017 Exclusives Avengers Mini Figure  Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Thor Price: 1,300 yen per blind box 7,800 yen for a complete box set of 6 ※Prototype Shown […]


Made in Abyss NANACHI

Hey everyone! Agent Leu reporting in! Out of all the anime I’ve watched last season, one of my favorite was definitely Made in Abyss, an anime based on the manga series by Akihito Tsukushi. The story centers around a young orphan girl named Riko, who, along with a mysterious robot boy named Reg, goes on an adventure in search of her mother in the Abyss. This is definitely not your everyday adventure story though. Despite the adorable illustration, the story is quite… well, unique, and probably not for the faint of heart. I can go on and on about how awesome the anime and manga is, but today I’m here to […]


ARTFX+ Emperor Palpatine with Royal Guard 3 Pack

A long long time ago in the Kotobukiya HQ far faaaaaaar away (in Tokyo, Japan to be exact), Agent Leu was given an important task to introduce the latest Star Wars ARTFX+ statues…   EMPEROR PALPATINE with ROYAL GUARD 3 PACK ARTFX+ Statue Japan: 13,800 yen (+tax) Available in April 2018 US: $139.99 (+tax) Available in May 2018 The Sith Lord, Darth Sidious (aka: Emperor Palpatine) rejoins Kotobukiya’s Star Wars ARTFX+ series as a 3-pack with two Royal Guards! Expand or start your Star Wars ARTFX+ collection with this affordable and easy-to-assemble statue collectible! 1/10 in scale, pre-painted PVC statue with magnets in the feet for display support on the […]


2017 New York Comic-Con Report

Hey everyone! It’s Agent Leu! Long time no see! If you were wondering where I’ve been for the past week, I was at New York Comic-Con to meet you lovely fans! So while I’m still somewhat jet-lagged, here’s a quick NYCC coverage with Kotobukiya!!!   KOTOBUKIYA BOOTH Crazy Move-In Day! ⇓ Yay! All set and ready! ⇓ All the people!!! Kotobukiya Display Pick-Up Supergirl BISHOUJO paint master displayed for the FIRST TIME in the U.S.!!! She looks amazing with her complicated sculpt especially with the folds in her cape and dress, not to mention the details in her natural blonde hair. The gold trims really makes her look epic and […]


Kotobukiya Headquarter

Hey everyone! Agent Leu here to bring you a special sneak peak at Kotobukiya’s HQ in Japan! Located in Tachikawa, Tokyo. Kotobukiya’s very own building was opened in March of 2016! We’ve got two stores at this location (one on the first floor and another on the second). For more information on our shops, check out our webpage! If you’re a visitor here for business, you get to chill in our lounge on the 3rd floor. Usually this is closed to the public, but being the super special awesome agent I am, I took some secret photos to show you guys! Once you pass the reception, you get to enter […]


New York Comic-Con 2017

Kotobukiya Booth #1554   Hey everyone! Agent Leu here to bring you some exciting news on the upcoming New York Comic-Con!!! Kotobukiya will be exhibiting again this year at booth #1554!!! Check out the information below so you don’t miss out on anything! Can’t wait to see everyone there!!! EVENT INFORMATION Join Kotobukiya at New York Comic-Con 2017! Come visit our booth (#1554) and check out our event exclusive items and new product displays! Stop by and get a free poster! We’ll be holding two autograph sessions with Vic Mignogna (English voice actor of Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist) and Yoshinori Ono (Capcom game producer)! EVENT:NEW YORK COMIC-CON 2017 WHEN: […]


IKEMEN Nightwing!

Hey everyone! Agent Leu here to bring you some updates on the latest hot topic everyone’s been waiting for… Most of you probably already know what the IKEMEN Night wing is, but if you don’t, then here’s a very brief intro to Kotobukiya’s new IKEMEN series. Deriving from the Japanese words “iketeru” (meaning “cool,” “good,” or “exciting”) and “men (word play with two meanings: “face” in Japanese and the English word “men,”), IKEMEN means “handsome men.” The concept of Kotobukiya’s IKEMEN line is to redesign famous characters into the Japanese IKEMEN style through artwork by the popular comic book artist, Ricken. Much like the BISHOUJO series, these pre-painted PVC statues […]


Street Fighter Bishoujo Announcement

Hey everyone! This is Agent Leu from Kotobukiya headquarter Japan! We’ve got a very special announcement today! Let’s welcome the newest fighter to our Street Fighter Bishoujo line… *drum roll* … DECAPRE!!! (As if the thumbnail image wasn’t obvious enough!) We’re showing Shunya Yamashita’s awesome illustration of Decapre for the first time!!!  STREET FIGHTER DECAPRE BISHOUJO STATUE Available Date: March 2018 (Japan) Price: To Be Determined As an imperfect clone from Shadaloo’s experiments, which ultimately leads to Cammy’s creation, Decapre’s appearance resembles that of Cammy. However, unlike Cammy, Decapre has retractable claw-like weapons on both her arms, glowing red eyes and expression full of anger, platinum blonde hair, and tights. […]


Kotobukiya’s Official English Blog!

Hey everyone! This is Agent Leu from Kotobukiya headquarter Japan and I am honored to write the FIRST ENTRY for Kotobukiya’s Official English Blog!!!  *cheers and throws internet confetti everywhere* Wooo!!!ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ♪ We’ll be covering product announcements and updates, interviews, event coverage, and top secret Kotobukiya stuffs! Let me introduce you to the two main members of Kotobukiya who will be making updates on this blog!   ■Agent Leu ■Kimouto ※Profile photos coming soon   We look forward to making awesome blog entries and hope everyone will follow us! Thanks and ciao!   Agent Leu, over and out!

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