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About BISHOUJO Reproductions and 2nd Edition Bases

Hi everyone, it’s SHO-GUN (^◒^)(@kikakuguys).  With some of our DC COMICS BISHOUJO reproductions to be released very soon, I wanted to share some special product sample photos!  But before we get to the main part of the article, I wanted to address a few comments and questions we have been receiving from some of our fans. Please read on!    About BISHOUJO Reproductions When we release a BISHOUJO with “2nd Edition” in the name, it can refer to one or more of the following updates from the original production (aside from price).  ・Change in package design ・The base or a part of the figure has been slightly altered *In certain situations, […]



Hi everyone, it’s SHO-GUN (^◒^)(@kikakuguys) Thank you for continuing to support the Officially Licensed MY LITTLE PONY BISHOUJO series! Thanks to everybody’s help, the sixth entry in the series is finally available to pre-order! You can finally line up all the ponies in the Mane Six!!!! ゜・。.:*MY LITTLE PONY BISHOUJO APPLEJACK。.:*・゜ SRP: $109.99 USD (12,000 JPY) Month of Release (in Japan): November 2020   Available worldwide in December 2020! Check with your local retailer for more details! I want to decorate the ponies in my room like this…♪ When you line up all of the girls together, every pony’s unique personalities really stand out! I tried to make each girl […]



Hi everyone, it’s SHO-GUN (^◒^)(@kikakuguys) Phoenix Rebirth from the MARVEL BISHOUJO series is now available for pre-order in an all-new limited edition variant!  Keep reading to learn more about this special edition statue that is only available from select stores worldwide.  ゜・。.:*MARVEL PHOENIX REBIRTH LIMITED EDITION BISHOUJO STATUE。.:*・゜ SRP: $129.99 Month of Release (in Japan): October 2020 This new variant of Phoenix is not just a color variant of MARVEL DARK PHOENIX REBIRTH BISHOUJO STATUE that was released earlier this month. This statue comes with completely new face and arm parts to make this statue stand out!  Here are just some of the unique differences between the Dark Phoenix Rebirth […]


HORROR BISHOUJO: IT (2017) Pennywise

Hi everyone, it’s SHO-GUN (^◒^)(@kikakuguys) ゜・。.:*IT (2017) PENNYWISE BISHOUJO STATUE.:*・゜  SRP: $129.99 USD (12,000 JPY) Month of Release (in Japan): October 2020   Available worldwide in November 2020! Check with your local retailer for more details!   What kind of fear pops into your mind when you hear the name “Pennywise”? Visit Warner Bros. official home page for more information about where to watch IT (2017)!   IT (2017) brings back the horror that is “Pennywise” in an all-new design and reintroduces the world of “IT” to old and new fans alike!                 Pennywise joined Kotobukiya’s product lineup three times in the past!  […]


【Ultra Rare!】ARTFX PREMIER Cosmic Ghost Rider Product Review

Hi! This is Bui from Kotobukiya’s product planning team!  Today, I wanted to review the special seventh addition to our ARTFX PREMIER series: ARTFX PREMIER Cosmic Ghost Rider!  When I first saw Cosmic Ghost Rider, I thought, “this funky character design must call for some powerful fight scenes and stories!” But his story began by raising a child: baby Thanos. Both unexpected and awesome.  You can also see all the ARTFX PREMIER statues lined up in my room at the end of this review, so if you have time to browse anything, scroll through all the Cosmic Ghost Rider shots and photos of my room! I don’t even show my […]


Coco from Witch Hat Atelier is Now Available for Pre-Order!

Hello everybody. I am Zarame, a product planner for Kotobukiya. From the manga Witch Hat Atelier, which is currently running in manga magazine Monthly Morning Two, is an all new 1/8 scale figure of the protagonist, Coco.  〇o●o〇●o〇o●o〇●o〇o●o〇●o〇o●o〇●o Magic is what makes the impossible possible.  1/8 Scale Figure Coco  Japan Month of Release: June 2020  SRP: $179.99 USD Sculptor: HIDE, Yoshihiro saimaru 〇o●o〇●o〇o●o〇●o〇o●o〇●o〇o●o〇●o The official announcement and sculpt of Coco that was first showcased at Wonder Festival 2019 [Summer] is now available for pre-order!  First of all, take a look at the entire figure! (Click each photo to look at the details up close.) I was so excited to show […]



Hi everyone, it’s SHO-GUN (^◒^)(@kikakuguys) Thank you for continuing to support the MY LITTLE PONY BISHOUJO series! Thanks to everyone’s help, the third entry in the series is finally available for pre-orders! ゜・。.:*MY LITTLE PONY BISHOUJO FLUTTERSHY。.:*・゜ Japanese: 11,000 JPY (Available December 2019) Available in January 2020 worldwide! Check with your local retailer for more details! What is MY LITTLE PONY? MY LITTLE PONY is a popular toy and animated series created by American toy and entertainment company Hasbro and has charmed children throughout the world over the past several decades. The brand was brought to life through toys in 1983 and followed with an animated series.   The brand […]


A First Look at the DC IKEMEN JOKER Sculpt!

 Hello, this is Bunkichi! (・ω・)ノ Today I’m writing to introduce the 6th Entry in the DC IKEMEN series,   THE JOKER   Today we’re going to take a close-up look at the sculpt for the first time! As a reminder, here’s the original art by Ricken. The final product will be based on this beautiful illustration!       Now, without further ado…     TADA!                                                                   It perfectly captures the atmosphere of the concept art!   This […]


The Domino BISHOUJO is here!

Hi everyone! Mr. Arigato here with the latest Bishoujo update from our product planner SHO-GUN. Enjoy! ———————————————————————————————————————— Good afternoon everyone, this is SHO-GUN (^◒^) After revealing the sculpt at Tokyo Comic Con 2018, I’m happy to finally announce: Pre-orders for Domino are here! ゜・。.:*MARVEL BISHOUJO Domino.:*・゜ $99.99/Available September 2019 Worldwide Check with your local retailer for details! About Domino Thanks to her appearance in Deadpool 2, the character has become more popular. She looks different in the movie, but we decided to base the BISHOUJO on her costume from the current comics by Gail Simone and David Baldeon. Often seen in riding suits, this updated version of Domino’s costume has […]


DC Comics BISHOUJO: Catwoman Returns!

Hi everyone! Today I have another BISHOUJO series update from our product planner Sho-Gun. Enjoy!

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