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Hi everyone, it’s SHO-GUN (^◒^)(@kikakuguys) Thank you for continuing to support the MY LITTLE PONY BISHOUJO series! Thanks to everyone’s help, the third entry in the series is finally available for pre-orders! ゜・。.:*MY LITTLE PONY BISHOUJO FLUTTERSHY。.:*・゜ Japanese: 11,000 JPY (Available December 2019) Available in January 2020 worldwide! Check with your local retailer for more details! What is MY LITTLE PONY? MY LITTLE PONY is a popular toy and animated series created by American toy and entertainment company Hasbro and has charmed children throughout the world over the past several decades. The brand was brought to life through toys in 1983 and followed with an animated series.   The brand […]


A First Look at the DC IKEMEN JOKER Sculpt!

 Hello, this is Bunkichi! (・ω・)ノ Today I’m writing to introduce the 6th Entry in the DC IKEMEN series,   THE JOKER   Today we’re going to take a close-up look at the sculpt for the first time! As a reminder, here’s the original art by Ricken. The final product will be based on this beautiful illustration!       Now, without further ado…     TADA!                                                                   It perfectly captures the atmosphere of the concept art!   This […]


The Domino BISHOUJO is here!

Hi everyone! Mr. Arigato here with the latest Bishoujo update from our product planner SHO-GUN. Enjoy! ———————————————————————————————————————— Good afternoon everyone, this is SHO-GUN (^◒^) After revealing the sculpt at Tokyo Comic Con 2018, I’m happy to finally announce: Pre-orders for Domino are here! ゜・。.:*MARVEL BISHOUJO Domino.:*・゜ $99.99/Available September 2019 Worldwide Check with your local retailer for details! About Domino Thanks to her appearance in Deadpool 2, the character has become more popular. She looks different in the movie, but we decided to base the BISHOUJO on her costume from the current comics by Gail Simone and David Baldeon. Often seen in riding suits, this updated version of Domino’s costume has […]


DC Comics BISHOUJO: Catwoman Returns!

Hi everyone! Today I have another BISHOUJO series update from our product planner Sho-Gun. Enjoy!


MY LITTLE PONY BISHOUJO Twilight Sparkle is Here!

Good morning everyone, Mr. Arigato here! I’m sorry for being away for so long! Today I’m back with a blog from the Kikaku Guys’ Sho-Gun about our newest MLP BISHOUJO statue, Twilight Sparkle. Enjoy!



Good afternoon! Mr. Arigato here with a blog post from Sho-gun about a statue I’m especially excited about: our first MY LITTLE PONY BISHOUJO statue, Pinkie Pie!
I hope you enjoy it!


Product Spotlight: Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn ASH WILLIAMS BISHOUJO STATUE

Hello everyone! Here’s a look at the product photos for our Ash Williams BISHOUJO Statue from PR’s Tsuno! The release for this beauty is just around the corner!   Full Body Shots Closeups Chainsaw Details Base Details Package What do you think? The Kotobukiya HORROR BISHOUJO series does a great job of showing off a variety of horror characters in a unique way that is simultaneously scary, cool, and cute. We will continue to expand the lineup so I hope you’ll keep following the series!   *Item pictured is a prototype. Final product may vary. *Color appearance may differ depending on the user’s display. EVIL DEAD 2: DEAD BY DAWN™ […]


Pinhead BISHOUJO Introduction

Hi everyone! Have you seen our new Pinhead BISHOUJO statue yet? Today I have an introduction from the product planner for the statue, Shogun! Enjoy! -Mr. A     Hello, it’s Shogun! (^◒^) At long last, the time has come! HORROR BISHOUJO PINHEAD Available March 2019/$109.99 From the illustration to the sculpt, it’s been a step by step process, but now I can finally show her to you in her full beauty! Thank you for waiting! For those of you who are seeing this for the first time, I’d like to introduce all the details in this post! *Content Warning: please proceed with caution if you cannot handle gore.   […]


IKEMEN Nightwing Sample Review

Hi everyone! The release date for the first entry in our new IKEMEN series is just around the corner! DC Comics Nightwing IKEMEN Statue In honor of this occasion, I’ll be sharing a review of the final product from the Kikaku Guys. Enjoy!   Who is Nightwing?    Name: Richard John Grayson After his parents were murdered by a mafia boss, Richard “Dick” Grayson took on the mantle Robin as Batman’s sidekick. As the original Robin, Dick is one of Batman’s closest and most trusted companions. After fighting alongside Batman for several years, Dick was faced with the decision to continue serving under Batman as Robin, or strike out on […]


An Up-Close Look at Night Breaker!

Mr. Arigato checking in with the latest update from Kotobukiya’s Frame Arms Blog! Today I’m going to introduce the latest Kotobukiya Shop exclusive, Night Breaker! Night Breaker began pre-orders on January 19th, and will be available in May of this year for \8,600. Gigantic Arms 04EX Night Breaker Night Breaker is following Grappling Guardian as the next entry in the Gigantic Arms series with a special Kotobukiya Shop edition. This time, there are no extra (or missing) parts that differentiate it from the standard Armed Breaker. (↑of course, you can also convert it into the Convert Carrier or Rapid Raider in addition to the Armed Breaker) However… The lime green […]

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