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Asra Customization Samples Introduction!

  Hey Megami Device Masters! Thank you everyone who purchased the Asra Archer which was released this week! She’s absolutely adorable and awesome so please build her with love! Moving on, I’d like to introduce a few customized samples today. This will be a light article, so please read it as if you’re reading a hobby magazine or something lol.   We have two different models both created with the 6th released Megami Device, Asra Archer.   Built and customized by Kotobukiya’s designer, Kobayashi, we’re showing a dark skinned Asra with white armor. This was displayed at the Kotobukiya Festival in December 2017, so some of you may have seen […]


Frame Arms model kit Shadow Tiger

  Hey everyone! Agent Leu checking in to bring you an updated blog entry from Gensui on our latest Frame Arms model kit, Shadow Tiger! Today we’re going to get a closer look at the product sample. This is a color variation of White Tiger. You can check out the blog entry for White Tiger via link below: Here’s the package, so keep an eye out when you visit stores that carry plastic model kits! The illustration isn’t just a color variant of White Tiger. If you look closely, you’ll notice that Shadow Tiger is equipped with additional armor parts on its arms and legs! The box is slightly […]


Hexa Gear: Demolition Brute

Hey everyone! Mr. Arigato here with some test shots and an introduction to the latest Hexa Gear, Demolition Brute from YUKI in planning. First up is the beast-inspired ZOATECH mode. At first glance, it looks a lot like Rayblade Impulse, but there are several key differences, including the length of the legs. Demolition Brute’s primary weapon is its Power Plows, which can be opened and closed. They’re also equipped with our universal 3mm joints, allowing you to attach them to a variety of places on the model. Here it is in hot pursuit of a Liberty Alliance governor. The base for the Battering Ram on the front of the model […]


Release Date Approaching! Introducing Archer Runner!

Hi Megami Masters! The weather is getting colder, but hopefully no one caught a cold? Health is a plastic modeler’s greatest asset! So please take care of yourself as you enjoy building Megami models! Moving on, I’d like to introduce the long awaited 6th release Asra Archer! Asra Archer will be available in stores starting on Monday January 29th 2018 (please note that schedule may differ depending on each store and shipping arrangements)   Today I’ll be unboxing Archer right before the release date. Take a look at this beautiful illustration by Nidy-2D-san. The package even has a gorgeous clear coating.   Following the previously released Ninja, this kit includes […]


Frame Arms Girl Architect Gun Metallic Ver.

Hey everyone! We’re now accepting pre-orders for the latest Frame Arms Girl, Architect Gun Metallic Ver.! The Frame Arms Girl series brings the mechs of Kotobukiya’s Frame Arms line (designed by Takayuki Yanase) to life as beautiful girls based on illustrations by Fumikane Shimada. This time we had Shimada-sensei draw up a FA Girl based on the “Gun Metallic” version of Frame Architect! With the Off White version of Architect going on sale next month, Gun Metallic is the last Architect color scheme to be brought to the Frame Arms Girls series. You can see the product page on the Japanese site here! This time we’re going to get an […]


An Up-Close Look at Night Breaker!

Mr. Arigato checking in with the latest update from Kotobukiya’s Frame Arms Blog! Today I’m going to introduce the latest Kotobukiya Shop exclusive, Night Breaker! Night Breaker began pre-orders on January 19th, and will be available in May of this year for \8,600. Gigantic Arms 04EX Night Breaker Night Breaker is following Grappling Guardian as the next entry in the Gigantic Arms series with a special Kotobukiya Shop edition. This time, there are no extra (or missing) parts that differentiate it from the standard Armed Breaker. (↑of course, you can also convert it into the Convert Carrier or Rapid Raider in addition to the Armed Breaker) However… The lime green […]


Megami Device: Magical Girl!

Hello everyone! Today we’re going to get acquainted with the 7th entry in Kotobukiya’s Megami Device Series, “Chaos & Pretty Magical Girl!” Magical Girl went on pre-order a few weeks ago, and we’ve already received several reservations. A big thank you to everyone who has already pre-ordered! You can see Magical Girl’s listing on Kotobukiya’s homepage here! (Link in Japanese)     Magical Girl has been introduced on the official Megami Device blog before, but today we’re going to get a closer look with lots of photos from the latest photo shoot! (The product is still in development so there may be some changes in the final version.) (Also, this […]


Frame Arms Girl Masking Tape Skirt (Pleated Version) Instructions

Hi everyone! Mr. Arigato here with an update from the Kotobuki Puramo Labo, Kotobukiya’s blog for any and all things related to plastic model kits! Today we’re going to learn how to make a masking tape skirt for your Frame Arms Girl! Frame Arms Girl Masking Tape Skirt (Pleated Version) Instructions ☆Supplies☆ Your main masking tape A different color of masking tape to use as a temporary placeholder while you make the skirt. Clear matte tape (this is optional, but helpful to have) Hobby knife Tweezers Cutting mat Ruler Your favorite Frame Arms Girl (we used Innocentia) An eye for fashion (the most important item on this list)   ☆Step […]



Hresvelgr Invert from the Frame Arms Girl anime has finally made her way to the Frame Arms Girl model kit series! This character is an “inverted” version of Hresvelgr=Ater, so her mecha parts are mostly the same except for a few changes. The model recreates Hresvelgr Invert’s appearance in the anime, which is based on the specs of Hresvelgr=Ater’s mecha in a new color scheme. The model also comes with two skin colors, one that matches Hresvelgr=Ater’s original skin color, and one that matches Hresvelgr Invert’s darker aura from the anime. In the finished version, the clear parts will be covered in a red iridescent coating.   The clear parts […]


Raging Booster & Solid Raptor “Stylet Raging Fully Armed Custom Unit

Hey everyone, it’s YUKI from the planning division! Today I’m going to introduce a custom version of Stylet made with two of the upcoming Heavy Weapon Units : Heavy Weapon Unit 18 Raging Booster and Heavy Weapon Unit 19 Solid Raptor! It’s called Stylet Raging Fully Armed Custom. You can see pictures of this customization with the product images for the Heavy Weapon units. We’ve gotten a lot of comments asking about this customization, so I’ll explain it below. The back piece is a bit complicated so I’ve broken it down in following image: This is a list of the parts used. Take note that this customization also uses parts […]

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