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CVX-83 Izumo Available Soon For Pre-order!

Hello, this is Gensui.  Ship Type FA2 (TBD) that we first announced at All Japan Model and Hobby Show last September is finally ready for its reveal…  CVX-83 IZUMO This model kit will be available for pre-order starting next week. CVX-83 IZUMO was originally planned to be introduced to the public at the Shizuoka Hobby Show.  However, I would still like to introduce this product to the world before pre-orders start, so please read on for more information.    Throughout this blog, I will be showcasing CG images using the design data for this product.  The coloring in the images shown throughout are based on the finished paint samples that […]


ACE COMBAT INFINITY XFA-27 Sample Introduction

Good morning! Today I have an update from the Kotobuki Puramo Labo! The blog for all things “Puramo,” or “Plastic Model!”     Hello, this is Gensui. Today I’m going to introduce some of our new kits! XFA-27 XFA-27 <For Modelers Edition>   We just got in some new product samples, so I can give you an advance look. *The model is still under production. Model shown in the images is a prototype. Final product may vary.   Anyways, let’s go ahead and start off with the sprues for the <For Modelers Edition>. Despite being a true 1/144 scale aircraft model and having lots of special features, it’s also a […]


The Red Protector of the Crystal Reactors: AGNIRAGE is here!

Hello everyone! Check out this update on the latest Hexa Gear model from the Governor’s Guide.     Hi everyone, this is Yuki from Kotobukiya’s planning department. Pre-orders for the newest Hexa Gear, Agnirage have started! The model will be in stores in December of this year. Thank you to everyone who has waited so long for this kit. The silhouette was revealed at our talk show at Wonder Festival back in February of 2017. That makes for almost two years between the initial reveal and the actual release. Not only did this model take a long time to plan, but our product development team also spent a lot of […]


Frame Arms Girl “Laetitia” Introduction

Hi everyone! It’s Mr. Arigato! Here’s an introduction to the newest addition to our Frame Arms Girl series, Laetitia.   Laetitia is the latest character to join our Kotobukiya’s original spin-off series, Frame Arms Girl. Laetitia is a new and improved version of the previously released Innoecentia! Like Gourai-Kai ver. 2, Laetitia comes with a lot of different parts and options to help you build the Frame Arms Girl of your dreams. We weren’t able to introduce her in as much detail at Wonder Festival, so I’m going to give you the rundown in this blog.     Laetitia comes with two chest parts: the original version from the Innocentia […]


Frame Arms Girl Greifen Introduction

Hi everyone! Today I’m going to give you an up-close look at Frame Arms Girl, Greifen the latest robot-inspired beauty to join Kotobukiya’s original spin-off series, Frame Arms Girl!   Greifen’s mech design was created by the genius behind the Frame Arms Series Hresvelgr, Tomotake Kinoshita! Kinoshita-sensei also created the character design that transformed this unique robot into an adorable girl. Let’s take a look at the model!      This Frame Arms Girl was created using an entirely new design. It’s the first kit of this scale since Hresvelgr. The joints on the base body are based on Frame Arms Girl Hresvelgr, so they should be easy to move […]


Gigantic Combination Part 3: Lucifer’s Wing

  “Hi it’s me, Stylet. Shizuoka Hobby Show is today. I really wanted to go but I had to stay behind because I lost my booster…”     “I heard they’re announcing a new M.S.G…I was really excited about it…”     YUKI: “Don’t worry, Stylet (she’s so cute!!!). I’ve been preparing a new M.S.G just for you.”     “Really!? (who is that? Grave Arms?)”     YUKI: “Look behind you!”     “Behind me…?”     “I-is this a Gigantic Arms just for me? After my armor got in the way for Powered Guardian and Rapid Raider I never thought I’d get the chance to try one…”   […]


Frame Arms “Black Tortoise” Test Shots Are Here!

Hi everyone! Mr. Arigato here with a Frame Arms update from Gensui!     Hello everyone, it’s Gensui. Today I’m going to share some test shots that just arrived of the latest Frame Arms, Black Tortoise, which will be available in stores in July. Let’s take a look. *The product in the photos is a prototype. Final product may vary.     First we’ll start with a look at the front and back of the model. These photos give you a nice clear look at Black Tortoise’s unique silhouette. The sides of the forearms, lower legs, and thighs (side armor) are all equipped with 3mm connection points, giving the model […]


Introducing Frame Music Girl Hatsune Miku!

  Hello everyone! Today I have a new model kit I’m very excited to share with you: Frame Music Girl Hatsune Miku! (Available now for pre-order!) This plastic model kit of the popular vocaloid is a collaboration between Kotobukiya’s original series, Frame Arms Girl and Crypton Future Media’s Hatsune Miku! Thanks to the support of Crypton Future Media and Hobby Japan, we were able to bring Miku to life in the familiar style of our Frame Arms Girl creators, Fumikane Shimada and Takayuki Yanase. This was Fumikane Shimada’s original concept art. We made sure to keep the Hatsune Miku’s features recognizable while also giving her the signature characteristics of a […]


Weathering your White Tiger Frame Arms Model Kit

Hey everyone! Mr. Arigato here with an update from the Frame Arms Official Blog. Did you see our blog on Shadow Tiger? We’ve had a lot of fans asking us about how we made the paint masters for White Tiger and Shadow Tiger look so good. Well, the answer is weathering! We don’t usually weather our models for the photos of the finished product, but we wanted to do justice to the awesome design by Yoji Shinkawa. In order to guide you through the process, we’ve recruited the help of Endo-san from Robo Samurai, who created the paint master for White Tiger. Enjoy!   —————————————————————————————————————————   Hello, nice to meet […]


Product Introduction: Governor Zoanthropus-Löwe and Scarecrow

Good Afternoon! Mr. Arigato here with a Hexa Gear update from YUKI. Today I’m going to share a short and sweet introduction of two of our newest Hexa Gear model kits. First up is Governor Zoanthropus-Löwe. Check out these test shots. We don’t have the painted sample yet, so I’ve edited the picture on the right to show what the final version will look like. Pre-Painted Parts List Head: The faceguards on the sides of the visor, facial hair Chest Armor: The white parts Torso: The man-made muscles on the abdomen, the white accents The Mini Flying Base is great for setting up dynamic action poses.   Next up is […]

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