Behind the Scenes Interview: Ai Hinatsuru 1/7 Scale Figure

Hello everyone! Today I have a special behind-the-scenes interview with hana from planning and sculptor Mitsuru Hoya on the making of our latest ani statue, Ai Hinatsuru from The Ryuo’s Work is Never Done!   Choosing the Character Hana: I try to keep up with the most popular light novels as much as I can. The Ryuo’s Work is Never Done! was all over the stores in the latter half of 2016, so I decided to give it a shot. The story was interesting, and eventually I became one of the fans that buys the newest volumes on the release date! I had worked with Yuta Todoroki before at a […]


Kotobukiya Headquarter

Hey everyone! Agent Leu here to bring you a special sneak peak at Kotobukiya’s HQ in Japan! Located in Tachikawa, Tokyo. Kotobukiya’s very own building was opened in March of 2016! We’ve got two stores at this location (one on the first floor and another on the second). For more information on our shops, check out our webpage! If you’re a visitor here for business, you get to chill in our lounge on the 3rd floor. Usually this is closed to the public, but being the super special awesome agent I am, I took some secret photos to show you guys! Once you pass the reception, you get to enter […]


Kotobukiya’s Official English Blog!

Hey everyone! This is Agent Leu from Kotobukiya headquarter Japan and I am honored to write the FIRST ENTRY for Kotobukiya’s Official English Blog!!!  *cheers and throws internet confetti everywhere* Wooo!!!ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ♪ We’ll be covering product announcements and updates, interviews, event coverage, and top secret Kotobukiya stuffs! Let me introduce you to the two main members of Kotobukiya who will be making updates on this blog!   ■Agent Leu ■Kimouto ※Profile photos coming soon   We look forward to making awesome blog entries and hope everyone will follow us! Thanks and ciao!   Agent Leu, over and out!    

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