Product line-up

1:Pre-painted, pre-assembled PVC figures

Painted & assembled figure models created primarily with PVC.


2:Pre-painted, easy-to-assemble soft vinyl kits.

Pre-painted kits made of soft vinyl that are easy to assemble.


3:Art Figure Collection

A series of pre-assembled figures painted with fine detail.


4: Action figures

Pre-assembled, pre-painted figures made via PVC injection molding. Part of our ARTFX brand.


5:Soft vinyl statues

Pre-assembled, pre-painted ornamental items made of soft vinyl. Part of our ARTFX brand.


6:Resin cast (cold cast) statues

Pre-assembled, pre-painted ornamental items made primarily of resin cast.


7:Trading mini-figures

High-quality, highly-collectible pre-painted & pre-assembled mini figures made primarily of PVC.


8:Plastic kits

Kits users can assemble with moveable parts in a variety of colors, made primarily of plastic.


9:Trading pins

Pins featuring faithfully-printed images. Highly collectable.


10:Various model assembly supplies

Various materials, parts, & tools useful in assembling models.



Publications focusing primarily on hobbies, art, & various subcultures.

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